“World Dignity, Inc. brings people together—rich and poor, strong and weak, young and old—to create a good world by sharing their wisdom, their skills, and their strengths.”


World Dignity, Inc. operates programs and supports activities that:

  • Enhance the dignity and self-respect of givers and receivers.
  • Build on the strength, resilience, culture, and wisdom of all people.

World Dignity, Inc.’s commitment emanates from its board members’ volunteer work in South Bend, Indiana and in Thailand.

WDI operates a variety of programs in Thailand’s Phangna Province: Computers for Kids Learning in Koh Yao (OLPC: One Laptop Per Child), Teacher’s Helper; Phi Sohn Nong – Students Tutoring Students; Dignity College Scholarships; and summer projects such English and Science camps. It has operated a Vision for Learning project providing glasses for kids and Dignity Teacher Sponsorships providing teachers in underserved schools.

WDI partners with the Auroville community in South India supporting Village development projects and a Education Revolving Fund to provide grants and loans to economically poor college students.

WDI has partially funded a workshop for teachers in Xieng Khouang Province, Laos, and has assisted a school in Pascagoula, Mississippi hit hard by Hurricane Katrina.


Where We’re Helping…

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